About Me

Hi my name is Chelsea :) I've started this food blog because after I got married in the summer of 2009, I felt like I was a newlywed in training. After saying "I Do" I was suddenly thrown into a whirlwind of new-ness! New at being a homeowner, hostess, homemaker, and will one day be new to mommy-hood.

I’ve always had a vision of what my home would be like- most importantly how my home would make my family feel. Warm, comfortable, safe, inviting. Since starting a family of my own, I felt this need to learn how to evoke these emotions into our new home. My immediate thought was: food.

Growing up my large European family was frequently wrapped around a table surrounded by food- good, home cooked food made with natural ingredients. My mom, aunts, and amazing avó (grandmother in Portuguese)- made it look so easy!

Although I’ve had incredible role models to learn from, starting my new life certainly made me feel unprepared when I looked at my kitchen and thought- where do I start?! So I became a student- of my family, the internet, and fellow bloggers.

I’m using this blog as an opportunity to share the recipes I’ve come across, tested, and fallen in love with! I hope you enjoy following my quest to conquer home cooked deliciousness!